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Jason Jerks One Off

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

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Part of the new Freshman class at Fratboy, Jason North gives us a private peek into his dorm room. He slips off his boxer shorts revealing his 10″ cock, already rock hard. This joystick requires a double stroke, Jason’s two handed jack off. Fortunately, this new horned-up fratboy is as hot from the back as she is from the front. Jason spreads his cheeks revealing a perfect rosebud assuming a doggie style position, probably imagining being rimmed or banged from the back. He resumes his two handed dick pumping until releasing a creamy load all over his tattooed torso.

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Alan & Kain

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

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Being his first time in front of the camera, adorable red head twink, Alan is a little nervous. Fortunately, Kain has a little more experience and is more than willing to show him the ropes. First he makes the cute, freckled newcomer feel comfortable by laying him down, and kissing his entire body, including, his throbbing cock. Alan takes well to a good blow job, and starts to feel very relaxed and ready to go to town on Kain’s smooth, tanned bod. He may be a newcomer to the screen, but apparently not new to sucking dick, juicing Kain’s big boy with his mouth. At this point Alan’s tight ass is just itching to get fucked. Kain gives the bottom boy his “signature pounding” and it does the “trick” for Alan, who appears sluttier and with every ball-slapping thrust. Getting his insides massaged by Kain is more than enough to get his creamy nut splattered all over his belly.

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