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Monday, April 30th, 2012

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U’ll Love Japanboyz!!!

Tatsushi (a hot. slim hip hop stud) and Kosuke (a cute Japanese twink) are sex friends looking to find a hot guy to hook up with for an orgy. With the help of an Iphone and Grindr, it wasn’t long before they found someone close by to have some fun with. Much to their delight, the boy that showed up was a Japanese dream boy named Masataka. Tatsushi and Kasuke couldn’t wait to get down to some gay Asian sex with him, and soon started kissing him and feeling his cock grow inside his warm underwear. Kosuke got down on his knees and took to sucking his fat dick as he was sitting on a chair, while at the same time Tatsushi gave him some deep french style kisses. Kissing and getting sucked was driving Mastaka close to orgasm as his eyes squinted in sweet delight, but he didn’t want to cum just yet so he stopped Kosuke from sucking. He then got on his knees, took out their 2 cocks, and took turns sucking on them enjoying the gay Asian cock feast! Finally they all went to the bedroom to finish the gay Asian orgy fun. Watch the full video at!

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Horny Korean Twink Fucks a Banana!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

What’s up, my dear friend, I’m jolly to treat you here!

Full Movie From Japanboyz Is Here!!!

Korean twink slut J. Park makes the best food porn, as he licks, sucks and fucks a banana. You’ll have to see the creative way he uses the banana peel, which he says feels as good as an asshole. J. Park’s horny quest to tickle his cock doesn’t end with the banana though, as he soon pulls out his fleshlight and fucks it like crazy.

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