Son Swap Part 3 – Colby Jansen & Tyler Sweet

Mike James looks every inch the perfect boy-next-door – a young man who’s never had a filthy thought in his life! But as everyone who’s seen him in action knows by now nothing could be further from the truth As such it comes as no surprise whatsoever when he immediately takes advantage of the unexpected arrival of a young black dude (Fabian Baptiste) to his Caribbean villa Somewhat naively the visitor thinks he’s in with a chance of selling some mobile-phones that he’s obtained from somewhere; but (as soon becomes apparent) James hasn’t the slightest interest in knocked-off gear

What does interest him however is what Baptiste has stashed away in his pants – and given the thick meaty monster that ultimately emerges from the confines of his visitor’s crotch it’s no fuckin’ wonder! For who in their right mind could turn a blind eye to this oversized ramrod Not a fellow of James’s character that’s for sure; as he eagerly endeavours to suck down every gorgeous inch of flesh that Baptiste has to offer Not that a lad like him is gonna be content with a mere blowjob – as thoroughly enjoyable as that is on such a monstrous offering!

Indeed this boy ain’t happy until he’s sat on that king-sized whopper and is riding it for all that he’s worth taking every feckin’ inch like the cock-whore he’s arguably always been! No question about it James gets skewered good and proper; banged to within an inch of his existence before Baptiste creams the lad’s ass to the brim That leaves James to work off his own pent-up load to finally call it a wrap!

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